The Harrises

Harris Family Fieldnotes chronicles the daytrips, weekend jaunts, and slideshow worthy vacations of The Harris Family (Alan, Ryan & Sally Harris).  We reside in Brooklyn, but are constantly drawn to the mountains, kitschy roadside attractions, and the open road.  With full time jobs, and therefore limited time, I look to make the most of our weekends and vacation time.  Now that Sally (2 years old) is on the scene, I realized that families with kids want to continue their pre-baby adventures, but have slightly different needs with a little one in tow.  This blog is not just about having an ongoing scrapbook of our memories (sans the papercuts and trips to Michaels), but hopefully it will give some helpful tips to other families looking to have accessible and unique family adventures!  

Hope you enjoy reading through our travels and feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions or comments!  



p.s.- we were lucky enough to have our apartment featured on Cup of Jo... A Cabin Apartment

p.p.s.- before Sally, our wedding was written up on Martha Stewart Weddings...A Retro, Camp-Themed Wedding